If You Don't Have ADHD, You'll Never Understand These Things

People with ADHD will understand this post, and people without ADHD can get a better understanding of the condition by reading it.

If you have ADHD, I'm sure people tell you all the time that it's a disability. People look at ADHD as a terrible condition that hinders you from leading a happy, productive life, but that's not necessarily true.Sure, ADHD can make sitting behind a desk for hours extremely difficult, but it doesn't mean that it has to ruin your outlook. Here are a few things that we should all probably know about how ADHD really affects people's lives.

1. People with ADHD are addicted to creative flow.

2. They use procrastination as a tool.

3. They think and speak in stories.

4. They need space.

5. Their minds work at incredible speeds.

6. They create in cycles.

7. They can focus intensely.

8. The feel deeply.

9. They challenge the status quo.

10. They often live on the edge of joy and depression.

11. They embrace their unique intelligence.

12. They have difficulty staying on task.

13. They take their work personally.

14. They always wear a bit of their inner child on their sleeve.

15. They can connect the dots.

16. But sometimes, they have trouble reaching their own conclusions and finishing their projects.

17. They have a hard time believing in themselves.

(via Go For Health)

People with ADHD will completely understand these things, so people who don't live with that reality might not fully grasp these concepts. Still, the message is simple. While living with ADHD comes with a set of drawbacks, these people have many special strengths.