The Aussies Invented Fairy Bread And It's Just As Weird As You'd Imagine

When you're looking to make the simplest, cheapest birthday food on the planet, leave it to the Aussies to figure out how.


But when we heard about Fairy Bread, it gave us a whole new perspective on bad food. You see, Australia is's actually almost as big as the continental U.S. Because of that, there are certain desserts and dishes that have become part of the national fabric, appealing to every corner of the country. Vegemite could be considered one, but Fairy Bread tops the list.

It's easy to make, uses cheap ingredients, and looks super fun. So what goes in this tasty (read: terrible) treat? White bread, butter or margarine, and sprinkles...YUM?


Even Jimmy Fallon and Russell Crowe couldn't stomach this on live television! (Crowe grew up in Australia, so you know this stuff is no good if even he can't eat it.)

(via Mashable)

I can't say I won't be trying this for a birthday party or two in the U.S., especially since it's so easy to make and is loaded with the one thing all kids love (sugar), but I can say I won't be chowing down on it myself. I'll stick to the grown-up snacks.