These 21 Happy Pets Are Guaranteed To Make You Smile Right Along With Them

These pets are all so happy, they'll make you happy too!

Amanda hails from the great state of Maine. In the past, she's written for sites like,, and On ViralNova, you can catch her covering animal cuteness, travel, DIY tricks, and everything in between!And there's a reason for that! Smiling not only demonstrates happiness, it can also cause it. A grin can even reduce stress.

But you don't need to be down in the dumps to feel overwhelming joy when you look at these smiley pets.

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Cutie just want food to be happy.

3. "Let's be franddss!"

4. Say cheese!

5. He loves his teddy.

6. "Oh hai!"

7. "Just grin and bear it. We'll get treats."

8. Smiling can often be a learning process...

9. "Hey, ladies."

10. "I definitely didn't just fart."

11. This little lamb is so grateful to be rescued.

12. Black cats are *sooo* scary...

13. Guys, it's a pig in an actual blanket!

14. "Ohhh yeah, that's the spot!"

15. Looks like someone's happy to find a forever home.

16. Happiness is measured in tennis balls for this cutie.

17. "Oh, Dad, you're so funny!"

18. So sly, much coy, very smile.

19. Crooked smiles (and crazy eyes) can still be cute.


21. "Turn that frown upside down!"