Think You Know Everything About Cats And Dogs? These 28 Animals Will Prove You Wrong.

Many of these beautiful animals face extinction because we are irresponsible with the environment.

They are so common, in fact, that upwards of 47 percent of Americans have dogs, and 37 percent have cats. By this point, you probably feel like you've seen them all, right?Wrong. Take these beautiful dogs and cats, for example. They are some of the rarest and most endangered species in the world. They haven't been domesticated or anything, but learning more about them can help us better understand what needs to be done to save these amazing creatures.

1. Rusty Spotted Cat

2. Pallas's Cat

3. Margay

4. Chinese Mountain Cat

5. Fishing Cat

6. Sand Cat

7. Black-Footed Cat

8. Andean Mountain Cat

9. Bay Cat

10. Flat-Headed Cat

11. Caracal

12. Kodkod

13. Jaguarundi

14. Pampas Cat

15. Bush Dog

16. Hoary Fox

17. New Guinea Singing Dog

18. Bat-Eared Fox

19. Raccoon Dog

20. Ethiopian Wolf

21. Darwin's Fox

22. Island Fox

23. Culpeo

24. Dhole

25. Painted Dog

26. Crab-Eating Fox

27. Short-Eared Amazon Dog

28. Maned Wolf


If we want to see these dogs and cats for years to come, we need to take better care of our planet. Many of them are endangered due to deforestation and habitat loss, so we need to be more responsible.