What They Saw Happening In The Middle Of The Wilderness Defies All Logic

The Earth is a living creature, sure, but it definitely shouldn't be breathing.

They say that the Earth is very much like a living creature, which is probably true, even though it's not "living" by traditional standards. For example, the Earth doesn't breathe...or it's not supposed to, at least. If the ground where you're standing appears to be physically breathing, then you're in trouble. While that doesn't seem like it would be physically possible, a recent video taken in the wilderness of Nova Scotia tells a different story.

(source: Manuel Petitat)

That's freaky. According to some who have seen the video, however, the explanation is simple. Harsh winds have caused roots to loosen under the trees over time. When it's windy, the trees sway and move the mossy ground along with them. Personally, I like the whole "our planet is breathing" explanation.