This Photo Of Mark Zuckerberg Has People Predicting A Grim Future

"A quick glimpse at our dystopian future."

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the company’s partnership with Samsung and his vision for a virtual reality future at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday.

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But one of Zuckerberg’s photos had some people a little disturbed.

Some people saw a “glimpse at our dystopian future.”

People saw a future of digital zombies led by this casually dressed overlord.

Our new “virtual reality with our leaders walking by us.”

Even more grim, maybe this overlord will lead us while also living in virtual reality.

A few people referenced Apple’s iconic “1984” commercial.

Some people saw a Matrix sequel.

And they saw those future humans from Wall-E.

Other people predicted Zuckerberg’s end.

And some took the chance to make fun of GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio.

Some people kind of panicked.

“We will become your slaves.”

It led some people to write straight-up poetry about the way we experience the world.

But other people didn’t really care and decided to embrace the times.