What Castaways Did To Get Rescued Seems Silly -- But It Actually Worked. Holy Crap!

They gathered some palm fronds and asked for help the old-fashioned way.

They were traveling from the island of Pulap when a massive wave overturned their 19-foot boat. Because the world is a terrible place and nothing is fair, they then had to swim two miles in total darkness until they reached dry land.The following morning, they pulled off a movie-worthy stunt that would make Chuck Noland from "Cast Away" proud.

The U.S. Coast Guard received a search request on Tuesday, April 5, at which point they sent out a rescue team to locate the unlucky mariners.

After a few days, the stranded men started panicking, so they gathered some palm fronds and got down to business.

Channeling every search-and-rescue movie in the history of forever, they spelled out "HELP" in the sand and started flailing their arms at the sky.

I'm going to try this when Monday rolls around.

(via BuzzFeed)

If you're having a tough day, just remember that you could be writing with palm fronds in Micronesia right now. It's all a matter of perspective, friends.